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Memorisation Course

Memorisation Course

If you are wanting to pursue memorising chapters and verses of the Qur’an then this course will be beneficial for you. This will help when leading prayers. This course is designed to benefit those that would like to memorise verses of the Holy Qu’ran.

By the end of the course we aim to enable students to:

  • Have memorised chapters of the Holy Qur’an (including 30 Surah’s)
  • Be able to implement tajweed when reciting
  • Gain an in depth understanding of the sacred text
  • Course Prices from only £1.75 a session

Option 1

£35.00 / Mth
  • 5 days during the week
  • 30 mins per session
  • 20 sessions a month
  • £1.75 a session

Option 2

£25.00 / Mth
  • 3 days during the week
  • 30 mins per session
  • 12 sessions a month
  • -

Option 3

£21.99 / Mth
  • 2 days (week or weekend)
  • 30 mins per session
  • 8 sessions a month
  • -

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