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"Seeking knowledge is an obligation
upon every Muslim" (Ibn Majah)
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Online Quran Lessons

Learn the Holy Qur’an in your own comfort and schedule.

Sacred Learning is run by UK based Imams. We believe that teaching the Qur’an should be made available to everyone.

We encourage our students to learn & recite the Qur’an correctly whilst we make each lesson enjoyable and feasible.

Within a week of learning you should notice the difference in your recitation.
Online Teaching of Quran | One On One Interactive Classes | Qualified teachers
“The best amongst you is he/she who learns the Qur’an and then teaches it”
(Sahih Bukhari)
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Online Courses

We have a range of courses which have been meticulously designed and curated by our UK based Imam for all age groups as well as experience.

Beginners Course

Beginners Course

Our collective aim is for our students to gain knowledge and greater their understanding of the sacred text.
Tajweed Lessons

Tajweed Lessons

How to Recite and understand the Qur’an with the correct pronunciation and characteristics.
Memorisation Course

Memorisation Course

This course is designed to benefit those that would like to memorise verses of the Holy Qu’ran.
Ask the Imam

Ask the Imam

Contact our UK based practicing Imam for a one to one private and confidential chat or video call.
Online Islamic Counselling

Online Islamic Counselling

We are here to guide you and alleviate your stresses, worries & Improve your mental wellbeing.

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One to one classes

This would enhance learning and build confidence. Learn at a pace that you require.

Male & Female tutors

With male and female tutors, we provide a personal preference of individual students.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and have studied the traditional Islamic education.

Monthly payments

Safe and secure Direct debit payments for lessons to be set at a date that suits you.

Any device, Any time

With our flexible options, you can learn at a place and time that works best for you.

Family Discount

Our family discount is available to make learning more affordable for all your family.